Upcoming Shows

Marc Audet with Kae Shelby at Batstone's Northern Ramble

Batstone's Northern Ramble, 45 Railway Ave, Renfrew

I'll be sharing a show with folk music songwriter Kae Shelby at Batstone's Northern Ramble. Kae will take the first set with accompaniment, then I'll take the second set solo. I'll be largely covering the songs from my album The River, plus some NEW MATERIAL!! $15 cover charge.

Sunday Folk Show at the Heartwood Restaurant with Marc Audet

Heartwood Restaurant, 39280 Combermere Road, Combermere, Ontario

This is yet another episode of the Sunday Folk Show covering music by artists like John Prine and David Francey, but more importantly featuring my own folk songs about life and times and the heritage of the Ottawa Valley. I will be unveiling a new song about the sinking of the Mayflower as well. No cover. Limitex seating. Reservations recommended. 613-756-9169.

Reflections on Ice Skating Show with Marc Audet

Deep River Arena, VIP Lounge, 2 Club House Road, Deep River

In support of the Deep River Skating Club, I will be providing entertainment for a skating show that features cekebrity guest Elvis Stojko. I'll play a few songs during intermission then I will play for an hour in the VIP lounge after the show, providing background music. Come out to meet Elvis.

Sunday Folk Show at the Wild Oat Bakery & Cafe

Wild Oat Bakery, Cafe and Farm, 819 Bank Street, Ottawa

This cool cafe in the Glebe is hosting me for a Sunday afternoon folk show. I'll be playing from 3 to 5 pm, covering a range of folk artists (David Francey, John Prine, Ron Hynes, Rita McNeil, etc), as well as songs from my album, The River. Some of these songs capture the history of the Ottawa Valley, so there'll be some interesting stories put to song. NO COVER (free will offering with proceeds towards my next album).


Marc plays music which calls back to the bygone history of Eastern Ontario with tales of the Voyageurs and Coureur De Bois of the Ottawa Valley. His music is as calming as the flowing Ottawa River. His presence is serene and introspective, much like the territory he sings about. While listening to him, you may find yourself in a different place and time. Join him for an evening of history, folk legends, and authentic entertainments.”

— Nigel E.

I love being in any space Marc is playing. He is one of those performers that automatically makes the experience enjoyable because he is in fact enjoying himself. No venue is “too fancy” or “not fancy enough” for a guy like him. He gives his talents selflessly for causes that make a difference in people lives. He will cover a song and give his own twist to it making the song a new original. His own songs let the listener have a little peak into his values as a person.”

Chris H.

Marc Audet is a singer/songwriter who can keep an audience's attention with his writing, music and unassuming stage presence.”

— Terry M.

I have been listening to the true chords of Canadian Marc Audet in his cottage barn, at the Off the Grid, in Kathy Haycock’s Gallery, and Summer park concerts in Eganville, and it is always a pleasure. Hearing the experience of feet on the ground, a soaring soul, performed with heart is a beautiful experience.. truth in music.”

— Susan H.

I felt the Valley in my heart and so much of your music reminded of things I can't put a finger on. It really put a smile on my face.”

— Janice E.

Marc Audet is an excellent musician and entertainer, whether performing his own songs or covering others'. His sensitive interpretation, top-notch musicianship and warm personality are well suited to both individual performance and background creation of musical ambiance at non-music-centred events.”

Judy M.

Marc is a wonderful musician. Living in the music, he tells his stories, stories that have inspired him, reliving emotions and moments. Marcs choice of cover songs always make me smile and often have me laughing. Not to mention widens my musical horizons. Marc is easy to work with and always willing to help in any way he can. I would recommend Marc Audet to anyone looking for a musician to uplift or liven any space or crowd!”

Larisa E.

Book Me

I love performing, and I'd love to perform for you, whether a House Concert, background music for another type of event, or a full-on pub style party. My solo folk music act includes live looping to bring a more diverse and full sound.  I'll adapt my sets to your situation. Contact me for more information.