1. I Favour You

From the recording The River

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I Favour You is a romantic song about having an "interest" in another person. How many television shows and movies have you seen where an interest evolves between work partners but the interest remains only as an interest?. That tension is what inspired this upbeat folk song.


I Favour You, Marc Audet

Everywhere, every chance, every time and every dance
Would you girl, come take my hand?
Every thought, every smile, every word and every mile
Would you, stay for a while?

What would you say, if I could not chose?
And where would you go, if I didn’t love you too?
How would you feel, if I couldn’t stand here still?
And would you stay… Against your will?

I see you here, I see you there, I take a trip, you’re everywhere
Would you say, I favour you?
I say Hello, you smile my way, I start to talk, but you turn away
What did I, I say to you?

What will you do, when the sky turns shades of grey?
If I cried, what would you want to say?
Or if I ran, would you try to talk me down
Would you want me here … with you alone?

I hear you talk, I see you cry, you dress in black, I don’t know why
Why won’t you, you tell me so?
You think of me, you think you know, of everything, inside my soul
Would you say, you favour me?

How would you feel, if the river ran dry?
Would you tell the truth, or tell a lie?
Would it be, a story way too long?
Is your love for me … Or not at all?

Would you stay, if the road came to an end?
What would be, the message that you’d send?
I can tell you, my feelings are true
Do you know that I … I favour you?

I can tell you, my feelings are true
Do you know that I … I favour you?