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Welcome to Marc Audet Music

I find that music can satisfy or appeal to an important aspect of our soul. Music unites us and it brings peace and contentment. When I'm performing, it warms my heart to see smiles on people's faces, or tears in their eyes.  I love to hear stories of how music inspires or motivates people.  When you add music to a gathering, whether an art show or reception or farmer's market, it relaxes people and shifts the mood to a better place.  When you bring music into a hospital or a care facility, it brings people to another place.  Music is amazing.  This is what brings me encouragement in performing and writing music.

Latest News

2020 February

Happy February!! March is just a few weeks away, then comes summer... Meanwhile, I am loving working through the dates for my Winter Folk Show. This "tour" kicked off in Deep River on January 19, with the other dates including Renfrew (January 31), Combermere (February 09), Pembroke (February 29), Ottawa (March 8) and Killaloe (March 15).  This is a 2 hour (2 set) show, with the second set focused on stories of the heritage of the Ottawa Valley put to rootsy folk songs. I love how Dave Gunning does this with his songwriting. I am video and audio recording all of the folk shows so that I can create new live performance videos for this web site, so keep checking out my video collection for those new material.

I am also taking the first steps to recruiting other musicians to fill out my sound a bit. I hope to bring a small band to the stage at certain events over the summer. I also hope to figure out how to broadcast shows via live streaming, so STAY TUNED. Take care everybody, and thanks for visiting my web site .... Marc. 

Feature Track

Here's an upbeat rocky folk song that I wrote a few years ago - I Favour You.   This is a romantic song about having an "interest" in another person. How many television shows and movies have you seen where an interest evolves between work partners, but the interest remains only as an interest?. That tension is what inspired this upbeat folk song. Backing musicians include Brad Scott (banjo), Tyler Kealey (accordion), Blair Hogan (bass guitar and mandolin), Dylan Roberts (drums) and Jenna Steele (backing vocals). I hope you enjoy it. Check out the other songs from my album.

Upcoming Live Shows

Come out to check out my live shows, whether in a pub, a festival, a house concert, a gallery.

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