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I find that music can satisfy or appeal to an important aspect of our soul. Music unites us and it brings peace and contentment. When I'm performing, it warms my heart to see smiles on people's faces, or tears in their eyes.  I love to hear stories of how music inspires or motivates people.  When you add music to a gathering, whether an art show or reception or farmer's market, it relaxes people and shifts the mood to a better place.  When you bring music into a hospital or a care facility, it brings people to another place.  Music is amazing.  This is what brings me encouragement in performing and writing music.

Latest News

2020 May

I had a fantastic run with great gigs up until March 14 when the entire entertainment industry shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  I'm grateful for the shows that I put on prior to that day, especially the series of folk shows that reached across the Ottawa Valley. Now we wait for the venue doors to open again.  First order of business when that day arrives is to complete my Ottawa Valley folk music tour.  BUT, with every crisis, there are silver linings to those dark clouds. One of them was the advent of live streaming.  I have been keeping active musically by putting on a weekly live streaming show every Thursday evening at 8 pm (EST) on my FaceBook Singer/Songwriter web page/site.  The first shows were awkward and somewhat unfulfilling, but after 12 shows, I feel very comfortable, and the support that I get from viewers is heartwarming. Thanks to those of you who take in my weekly stream (named THE STREAM, by the way). Interestingly, with that type of show, I've been able to play before a much broader audience and because of that I have been accumulating followers, which is wonderful.  Songwriting has been another focus during the COVID shutdown, and I hope to be presenting new songs soon, so stay tuned!  I don't like admitting this, but I am loving having a blank calendar. I had been hustling for gigs quite a bit since releasing my album THE RIVER in February 2019 (53 gigs in 2019 and 14 for the first few months of 2020), and despite being tired of hustling I kept pushing to keep momentum up. For me, it's great to be forced to take a break. Still, I miss being in front of people, and as the COVID crisis starts to wane, I'm starting to reaching out to venues for summer and fall shows. ... Book me for a house concert!

Take care everybody, be nice to each other, keep washing your hands, and thanks for visiting my web site .... Marc. 

Feature Track

Here's an upbeat rocky folk song that I wrote a few years ago - I Favour You.   This is a romantic song about having an "interest" in another person. How many television shows and movies have you seen where an interest evolves between work partners, but the interest remains only as an interest?. That tension is what inspired this upbeat folk song. Backing musicians include Brad Scott (banjo), Tyler Kealey (accordion), Blair Hogan (bass guitar and mandolin), Dylan Roberts (drums) and Jenna Steele (backing vocals). I hope you enjoy it. Check out the other songs from my album.

Upcoming Live Shows

Come out to check out my live shows, whether in a pub, a festival, a house concert, a gallery.

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