Another Chance

Another Chance is a folksy love song about making decisions in life and if you were to somehow go back in time would you make the same decisions regarding what to study at school, what type of job to take to put food on the table, where to live and most importantly who to spend the rest of your life with.  This video was shot at the Bernard Childs Auditorium in Deep River, Ontario, before an audience of about 400.  Please check out the version of this song recorded with a full band on my album, The River.

Stone Fences

Stone Fences pays tribute to the hardships that European settlers had to endure when they established farms in the late 1800s along the Opeongo settlement road in Ontario (Canada). They were tasked with turning stony forested hills into farmland and this difficult work was done over decades with only horses and by hand.  As demanding as this work would have been, settling in the rugged lands of Canada was a huge improvement to the lives of these immigrants. Today, a century later, wonderful traditions of these European folks perpetuate, and the stone fences created remain today, marking the tremendous efforts of the settlers. This video was shot at a house concert in Bonnechere Valley (Ontario). Please check out the version of this song with a full band on my album, The River.

Borrowed Time

Borrowed Time pays tribute to the life and times of Hector Audet, my father.  He was son of Charles Wilfred Audet, grandson of Joseph Audet and a descendant of Nicolas Audet dit Lapointe. He was a family man, an Engineer, an outdoors enthusiast, an artist, a sportsman, and more. At age 56 he was diagnosed with cancer, but the treatment did not provide a cure. He passed away 2 years later after a difficult battle. He worked many years with a view to enjoying an active retirement, but that wasn't in the cards for him. This song is for you dad!

Over You (David Francey cover)

I know a guy who owns and manages a cave. Lucky me. The cave formed in a sequence of Ordovician limestone. Its odd to think that a hundred million years ago there was a sea occupying much of the area here in Canada.  Nevertheless, the acoustics in the caves (Bonnechere Caves, Douglas, Ontario) are beautiful (cathedral) and inspiring. And then there's David Francey: one my favorite folk music artists. I find his songwriting and guitar playing are absolutely beautiful. Over You is a breakup song (not getting over the breakup).

Hear You Sing

Hear You Sing is a song about relationships and lasting love.  This cool song has to be played and recorded in as many places as possible, like here in side an incinerator at an old derelict sawmill in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. Take note of the guitar tones; drop-D tuning on my aged Taylor guitar is best served with finger-picking. Those deep tones should warm your spirit.  Please check out the version of this song recorded with a full band on my album, The River.

All the Way (John Prine cover)

I love John Prine's music. Here's one of my favorites. All the Way is a love song, most likely written before he wrote All the Best, which is a good bye song (another favorite of mine).

Illegal Smile (John Prine cover)

I Favour You

More videos are coming!