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Thanks for visiting my web page, and Welcome! I find that music can satisfy or appeal to an important aspect of our soul. Music unites us and it brings peace and contentment. When I'm performing, it warms my heart to see smiles on people's faces, or tears in their eyes.  I love to hear stories of how music inspires or motivates people.  When you add music to a gathering, whether an art show or reception or farmer's market, it relaxes people and shifts the mood to a better place.  When you bring music into a hospital or a care facility, it brings people to another place.  Music is amazing.  This is what brings me encouragement in performing and writing music.

Latest News

2020 September

BREAKING NEWS!! Here’s my latest musical creation - a folk show dedicated to the history and heritage of the Ottawa Valley. Forgotten Memories of the Ottawa Valley is a unique folk show that takes you on a historical and musical tour of the Ottawa Valley. Starting with an ode to the early travellers of the Ottawa River, the tour of Unforgotten Memories takes you to the district of North Renfrew, where the heritage is celebrated with songs about depot farms, flooded villages, taken lands, frontier roads, and a prison break in Algonquin Park. The tour then traverses the Valley to Combermere (the 1912 sinking of the Mayflower), then to Baptist Church Road and Newfoundout along the Opeongo Settlement Road, and then a stop in Westmeath for a song about a mysterious connection involving Mt. Everest mountaineer A.C. Irvine who died in 1924 on an Everest summit quest. All true Canadian stories. Not to be forgotten. Watch for show dates, or book a yard concert by texting or phoning me at 613-281-4591.

September will also be a time to record my newer songs, and upload these songs to this web site - check in every so often to look for new uploads is a section called NEW SONGS.  

Take care everybody, be kind to each other, and PLEASE keep up with covid precautions so that we won't have to regress into another full shutdown. 

Feature Track

Half Way There is the story of an old abandoned "depot farm" called Halfway House that supported the bustling square timber industry in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. Xavier Pilon was the name of the farmer who cleared the land in a remote wilderness area half way between two major hubs in the travels of seasonal workers.  Thousands of men with teams of horses would migrate into the bush to cut giant white pines, staying at lumber camps located throughout the vast forests. Located in the Upper Ottawa Valley, the depot farm provided a nearby source of feed for horses and food for lumber camps. The farms also provided lodging for the men who traveled by horse-drawn sleigh along tote roads that lead to the lumber camps. Ruins of old buildings are all that remain today, and there are few records of the Pilon farm.  I have yet to meet with descendants of Xavier Pilon to collect more details of the man and the farm.  This song was inspired by visiting the farm, and enjoying the taste of the rhubarb picked from a patch still growing at the farm. This recording features melodica accompaniment by multi-instrumentalist, and son, Brad Audet.

Upcoming Live Shows

Come out to check out my live shows, whether in a pub, a festival, a house concert, a gallery.

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