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 2021 September

It's sad to see summer fade away, but so be it. I had great fun performing live and in person in July and August at restaurants, markets, festival events and house concerts, thanks to relaxed COVID restrictions. Maintaining the weekly livestream shows throughout the winter and spring put me in great shape to play as much as I could over the summer. Live, in person shows will continue into the fall until it gets too cold to play or the 4th wave of the pandemic shuts things down again.  September will include an effort to record and video the second set of my folk show Forgotten Memories of the Ottawa Valley.  Release of the show will happen in November or December, completing a historical songwriting project that I'm quite proud of. The first set of Forgotten Memories is available to listen or download (free) on Bandcamp and videos are available on this here website .../videos.

Thanks for spending time on my website, stay healthy and be nice to each other.  If you enjoy my music send me a note of encouragement.

Holden Pond (Forgotten Memories of the Ottawa Valley)

Marc Audet Singer/Songwriter

Holden Pond is the 4th song of my folk show Forgotten Memories of the Ottawa Valley. The song starts with a narrative introducing the song, and telling the story of the meaning of the song, which is the story of villages and settlements along the Ottawa River having to be moved (resettlement) to make room for a large hydroelectric reservoir lake, Holden Lake.

Holden Pond tells the story of hydroelectric development of the Ottawa River in the 1950s, and how that affected the early settlers that cleared lands and made a life along the shores of the river (the Taits, Charboneaus, Heaneys, Jennings, and many other families). The story starts in 1929 when Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario conducted land surveys along the shores of the Ottawa River to map out the elevation of the reservoir (Holden Lake). Several small villages were flooded, along with farms, trout lakes, churches, cemeteries and everything else that had been carved from the Canadian wilderness. The song was inspired from sitting on the concrete steps of the church at Stonecliff under 20' of water in the dim light, thinking about the decades that early people walked on these very steps before the river was dammed. The people that were affected were not happy with being uprooted. This is not a protest song; it just tells the story of how people felt as they watched the water inch upward day by way when the reservoir was filled

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Feature Track

NOT FORGOTTEN ... development of the Ottawa Valley in the early to mid-1900s involved large blocks of land being expropriated to make room for industrial development (hydroelectric) and for government institutions such as Garrison Petawawa and Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. Historical records show the old settlement roads and the locations of homesteads, stopping places and early farms. Some of the names of the old farms and stopping places have been adopted in our modern world, but otherwise all that remains are the traces of old homesteads; house foundations, steamboat wharfs, stage coach trails. These lands have also become wildlife refuges with access controls allowing the wild lands their privacy.  This song pays tribute to the sadness that affected folks felt when they were told to move. These folks include the Richards, Forans, McQuestions, Shields, Nadeaus and many more. Like with the song Holden Pond, this is not a protest song; it simply tells the story of a time and place in the Upper Ottawa Valley.

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